SharePoint Business Connectivity Services

With the introduction of Business Data Catalog (BDC) of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007), integrating some external data into your portal in a meaningful way became easier. However, the hitch was that though connectivity to external systems was enabled by the BDC, the lack of a designer made it difficult to create solutions. Moreover, though creating read-only solutions displaying data in the Business Data List Web Part was made relatively easy by BDC, creating a solution that allowed users to make changes and write back that data to the external store was not so simple. It was this issue that SharePoint business connectivity services, or BCS (Business Connectivity Services) in SharePoint 2010 aimed to solve.

Being all about connecting to external data, BCS comes loaded with out-of-box features, tools and services that enhance the SharePoint platform's capabilities, which in turn help in streamlining development of solutions with deep integration of external services and data. By building upon its BDC predecessor, BCS enhances the key areas of connectivity, presentation, lifecycle management and tooling. For example, you can use SharePoint Designer of SharePoint 2010 to create an external content type, employ the Web user interface to produce an external list, and take the list as a set of contacts offline into Outlook. You can even update contacts in Outlook, which in turn will let the data in the external system to get updated as well.

If you are still not sure about the benefits of SharePoint business connectivity services for working with external systems and processes, considering some pointers will help. To begin with, you can use such services to create, update, read, delete, and query (CRUDQ) to the external system from a SharePoint site or Microsoft Office application if the external system supports the operations and is modeled properly in the BDC service.

Thanks to the familiar user interface of SharePoint business connectivity services, you can work in your familiar work environments without the need to learn different user interfaces. Other advantages like no-code connectivity to external systems, offline access to external data, easy governance of external data, discovery of external data via SharePoint Enterprise Search feature, easier life cycle management by creating models and Office 2010 application artifacts with ease that help in building sophisticated workflows can also help your business a lot.

Unlike BDC, bulk operations are supported by BCS. Thus, using SharePoint business connectivity services, you will be able toreduce the round trips to the database and perform many options in a single connection. So, why wait any longer? If you have always waited for a solution that can overcome the shortcomings of BDC, use BCS today and experience how you can easily integrate external databases in SharePoint and display the data in the SharePoint sites.

The Importance of Good Business Connectivity

Business communication is important to success and can also allow for a healthy and well run workplace. Computers and the Internet are growing with importance towards business operations. The communication between businesses, work colleagues, clients and consumers has been made easier and has led to greater opportunities to be more productive. As this has happened the importance of good business connectivity has grown and it is now nearly impossible to run a successful business without a server and connection that allows for a business to fully integrate everything that the Internet has to offer into its practices.

Connectivity is an important part of the modern workplace for many businesses and can mean the difference between a slick well oiled workplace and one where problems abound and upload speed and reliability can leave businesses struggling to fulfil their potential.

Good business connectivity can make all the difference to businesses allowing for day to day tasks to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by staff whilst causing the least amount of stress. The importance of good business connectivity is vital in allowing a good upload speed which can be critical if your business often sends important documents to existing and potential clients as well as colleagues as most businesses invariably do. If uploading takes a long time on your servers and your business is impeded by this you could do no worse than to look online for alternative options that could provide you with the upload speeds that you require and deserve.

Business connectivity plays a part in many aspects of a company and a good server can mean that online webinars or business meetings can be used with ease by your business allowing for a company to make the most of the Internet and the opportunities and platforms that it provides for businesses to network and share information without the need to leave the office.

If your business needs to share regular information over the Internet a poor network and service provider could make what could be a simple task a very hard one. Making sure that the business connectivity you have suits your company and allows you to be the best you possibly can be in a competitive marketplace can really give you one up on your competitors and place you in the perfect position to succeed.

Your business should consider contention ratios when looking for business connectivity as this can be a crucial factor in connection speeds. The less amount of people using a line results in a higher bandwidth for your business. If connectivity is important to your business operations, you should consider a Leased Line. A Leased Line offers a contention ratio of 1:1. In short this means that if your business uses a 2Mb Leased Line you will receive a 2Mb connection. Compare that to a 10Mb connection with a contention ratio of 50:1 where you will only receive 200Kb bandwidth with a much lower security level.

Reliability has become a key word for the modern business. Services that have regular problems and hinder the work of the company cost time and money and could ultimately lead to slowing of work processes leaving workers at their desk but unable to complete even the simplest of tasks. It could also lead to the loss of important files or data that are stored on the network, something that could be easily avoidable with a good service provider and secure and reliable servers.

To find good providers of business connectivity it is well worth having a look online to find the service that will best suit your business and its needs allowing for a productive workplace.

Home Business Connection: Giving You the Advantage

Let's cut to the chase, yes it is possible, highly possible, to realize sustainable and sizeable income through the internet with only a home based business. Yes, it will be very difficult to get off to a running start and actually lead the pack of millions of other home based businesses, and yes it's highly likely you will fail, and that's only if you don't prepare and implement a viable and well prepared business structure and marketing campaign. Oh and one last thing, yes it is possible to achieve success in a home business simply through a home business connection.

The typical home business connection for marketing and promotion can be seen in the largely popular affiliate marketing industry. Typically, one website connects to another by using links and ads where a site compensates the other site for sending potential customers through the connection. This type of connection became hugely popular because it was a performance based connection meaning the business site only pays for the connection based on an action made through the connection.

For example, if you have decided to start a home business that sells auto parts and accessories, then it could be highly beneficial for you to make connections with other entities that are involved in the automobile industry. You can link with the websites of auto clubs, automotive magazines, car review sites, and even popular blog sites on cars and other vehicles. In fact, you can even create your own blogs or write articles for article submission sites with links that would connect those that read them to your site. The great benefit of a home business connection is that it will be able to generate leads that are highly likely to become potential customers.

4 Easy Keys to Keeping Your Business Connections Alive Through the Holidays

As the Winter Holiday Season approaches, it is very easy for any Business Professional to let the season turn into a sleepy lull of activity. The best way to avoid this? Preparation and Planning. With a little bit of extra effort now, you'll be able to avoid the anxiety of decreased sales, and lost prospective clients. 1. Take the time to create a calendar highlighting all known upcoming holidays, vacations, and currently known meetings, including those that you yourself may not necessarily celebrate. When it comes to maintaining business, its critical to keep cognizant of the days other people might not be working, even though you are, and vice versa. This way, you'll be able to plan around important dates, rather than completely canceling your usual activities altogether. 2. Remember that Holiday Party's and Events are a great opportunity to stir up business connections. Many of us have the tendency to strictly categorize our time between work and personal, which is important in terms of maintaining an appropriate balance. However, our friends, family and friends of friends are professionals, as well! Utilize your resources by taking the first initiative of reaching out with an offer to connect with those you know or meet after the event. If they say they can't until after the Holidays, immediately set a reminder for yourself to reconnect with them at a specific later date. The key here is immediately- if you say you'll do it later, you run the risk of forgetting to do it at all, and that connection may be lost forever. 3. Don't let yourself fall off the boat. Now is a great time to read or listen to one of those motivational business books you've been thinking about checking out "someday". Even if you think that all you have is 10 minutes of free time during your drive, remember this: Every little bit of forward motion, even in simple ways like keeping your spirits positive, will give you that much more of an edge compared to others in your professional. If you aren't, you can be sure that someone in your direct competition is. 4. Stir up your usual meeting routine by a change of scenery. Going stir crazy in the office? Getting tired of visiting the same old Starbucks day in and day out? Why not meet with your co-workers or clients someplace a little different for once to generate new energy? Instead of the 4pm "bored meeting", mix it up by meeting at a local small wine bar or tapas restaurant. Instead of the same old coffee shop, try meeting at a park or stepping outside the office building and going for a walk. Even the lightest of exercise has been shown to improve brain activity; You'll be able to decompress while staying productive at the same time!


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